Our principal customer for over twenty-five years was Paloma for Schools, a London-based company that designed and supplied high quality, bespoke uniforms to schools with pupil numbers between several hundred and less than fifty across the UK.

In late 2015 the owner of Paloma retired, and Hobby acquired the company. It had been very much a pleasure working with her over the years and we were pleased to be able to carry on the work and high standards of the company that she was devoted to.

Using microfibre and technical fabrics as well as cosy polar fleece and traditional soft corduroys the distinctive, high quality schoolwear is individually created to the school's requirements and delivered direct to the school or designated retailer.

Our production capability can cater for both large and small pupil number schools and since we are the manufacturers here in the United Kingdom, we are versatile and not subject to overseas delivery dates or huge minimum order quantities.

We aim to offer choice, so that you are not limited to a fixed range and we aim to offer flexibility in style, fabric and quantity.

Smart schools deserve smart uniforms.